The Value of newborn baby photos by Jennifer McNeil PhotographyYou’re Only Born Once: The Value of Newborn Photos

What is the first thing everyone wants to do when a brand new baby is brought into the world? If you are living in today’s world, you’ll know the answer is to pull out their phone and take pictures. Some of those pictures will remain on the phone for years, only to be seen when someone remembers to show them, and some will get posted on Facebook; but what happens when technology fails us, and our phones break, or our pictures get deleted accidentally? The newborn memories are gone, and you and your family have nothing to look back and remember some of the best days of your lives.

You’re only born once, then in the months to come, rapid growth takes place and sooner than later your baby boy or girl is a walking, talking, feeling, thinking human. Of course, other pictures will be taken, and more memories will be made. However, if you didn’t take the time to get newborn pictures made, framed, and copied for the rest of the family members to see, what will you have to show for that time?

Document the journey with newborn photos

Newborn photography is one of the most precious gifts you and your family can give to yourself, as well as to the baby. High quality pictures that truly capture the unconditional love that is pouring through a new life should be top priority for parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and all family alike. So much is going to happen between the time of birth and the time of death, and when everything else in life is busy, crazy, overwhelming, and tiring, having pictures to look back at the good old days when there was only one concern in the world will bring back all those thoughts of the pure loving, precious, heart warming times when you could just snuggle with a little baby.

Newborn photos at home for Jennifer McNeil Photography

Craving connection in this world is something that does not go away when you’re younger, and you’re the most connected to love and family during the newborn phase. Capturing photos that resemble this feeling of pure connection, and having them as memories to look back on, is fulfilling in so many ways. Thanks to high quality photography those memories never have to leave. When your baby is a grown adult headed to college, and she comes home for the weekends, a great way to reestablish parental bond is by pulling out the newborn photos, and remembering where the journey all started. Then when your baby finds the person they want to start a family with, those photographs will be brought out as an initiation for their partner to see where his journey began, and as a way to bring humor, embarrassing your son just a little bit. Finally when your children have children, the newborn photos will be brought out so the kids can laugh at how big Dad’s head was when he was a baby.

Take action now, it’s never too late to start your photos

Do something that will keep your family connected for years and years to come. Getting newborn photos done is not only a great way to connect with your baby in the moment where you’re holding him or her in a cute outfit, feeling all the love radiating, it also fosters many other great times to come. Nobody ever said they regret getting high quality newborn photos done, but they do say they regret not taking any pictures at all. Love is the only thing a newborn baby knows, and capturing those feelings, which become some of your greatest memories, will keep you feeling the love for all the rest of your days.

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