What are fresh 48 pictures?

fresh 48 vs newborn portrait

What are Fresh 48 pictures and why are they important?  Fresh 48 photos are images of newborns taken within the first 48 hours after they are born.  Why so soon?  Because babies change rapidly in the first few days, and capturing their brand new essence is truly something special.  My Fresh 48 clients who do BOTH newborn sessions see a big difference in just a week or two between the captures.  Those differences are telling the story of your baby’s growth, change, and adaptation to life outside the womb.

Which session is better for my baby?

As I mentioned, many families choose to have me create images during both phases of their newborn’s life.  If you are only looking to do one session, choosing between Fresh 48 pictures and Newborn portraits might be challenging.  There is no universal answer, but instead you can ask yourself which type of photos move you more.

What are Fresh 48 Pictures? Key Features

The fresh 48s that I offer use primarily natural light, take place inside a hospital room or other place of birth, and do not include the styling that a portrait session does.  Often for Fresh 48 sessions, a bulk of the images will be in black and white, and most are candid in nature, capturing the surroundings and interaction with Baby.

What are Newborn Portraits? Key Features

The newborn portraits I offer are primarily created in the studio with professional lighting.  Styling including props, wraps, headbands, baskets and boxes is all a typical part of the session.  For these images, unlike Fresh 48, baby is meticulously posed into swaddled and curled up positions.  Images are always presented in color, with coordinating backdrops and fabrics to create a polished look.

Fresh 48 family photo vs newborn portrait mom and baby photo

Whichever you decide: Fresh 48 pictures or Newborn portraits, your baby will be beautifully photographed and you will have memories that last throughout there lifetime and beyond.

Be sure to visit my Lifestyle Newborn Gallery for inspiration and to see more Fresh 48 photos!

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