What is Maternity Photography?

Maternity Photography is the drive to document a mother’s journey to the birth of their new baby.  However, that journey takes nine months and along the way your body changes to help your little one grow healthy and strong.  Those changes are what most mothers want to capture and treasure forever in their pregnancy photos.

Maternity photography in studio with a golden yellow dress with her husband

Maternity Photography is…

the artistic creation of photographs during your pregnancy.  These photos document your body’s natural changes preparing to give birth to your baby boy or baby girl.  These short nine months will bring amazing changes to your body, be sure to capture them forever by getting professional maternity photography by Jennifer McNeil.

maternity draping and wraping of nude pregnancy photos

Why have professional maternity photography?

There are selfies, photos taken by a passer by, and amateur photographers.  Any of which will provide you with images of your pregnancy.  But a professional photographer can rise above all that and bring out that lowing side of your pregnancy. Photos taken in the golden hour at dusk to capture your baby bump in the best possible light, literally and figuratively.

Or take an in-studio session and choose from several of the dozens of maternity gowns for your photos.  Jennifer has a closet full of gowns for you to try on in your pre-session consult.  You also will have the option to add some accessories to your maternity dress such as headbands or longer trains for some added punch to your photos.

Maternity pictures in a blue slip dress with lace

Where can you create amazing pregnancy photos?

Most maternity photoshoot ideas are one of two options, in studio or on location.  In the photo studio the lighting can be controlled, where a mother-to-be can change into another dress, and where it may be more ideal to have younger siblings in photos.

The flip side of the coin is the on location photo session.  Most photographers will need to get a permit for professional photos at a park or beach.  On location does allow for amazing landscape photos but stunning sunset maternity photos aren’t able to be ordered, however mother nature can be hit or miss with the sunsets.

When during the pregnancy do you get the best maternity pictures?

Weeks 36-40 of pregnancy will show the best baby bump for your photos. Most maternity pictures take place in the third trimester.  Be sure to plan ahead to ensure that your photographer has availability. Most photographers will have several dates during the week to choose from for studio sessions.  However some may only have one day a week for on location because of the additional travel time and preparation for capturing amazing pregnancy photos.

Progress pregnancy photography is a chronicle of your journey to motherhood in 4-9 photo sessions spread among the pregnancy showing the transition of your belly.

progress pregnancy photography in studio with a lilac maternity dress

When should you book a maternity photographer near you?

Booking maternity photos is very straight forward, contact a photographer when you know you want photos.  Ensure that your in-person consult covers all your maternity photo ideas that you want to with your photographer.  Jennifer has a one-on-one meeting with her clients to discuss what type of photos they are looking for.  It is a good time to plan the photo session and get the right landscape or portrait photos to hang on the wall of your home.

Blue background with white dress in photo studio maternity pictures

Who should you hire for maternity photography?

Of course you should hire Jennifer McNeil Photography! Since you have read this much about her process, you know more than enough to trust Jennifer.  Contact her to being the conversation about capturing your maternity pictures beautifully.

The choice is simple, Jennifer has everything you are going to need to make this experience simple and effortless.  You can trust her 13 years of experience. Her 3,000+ photo sessions, and you can trust her prior clients say when they give her all 5 star reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

Maternity photography at the beach at sunset in laguna niguel

How much does a maternity photographer cost?

There are two parts for the cost of a maternity session.  The first is the session fee for the time, talent, use of dresses and on location costs of the photographer.  That includes the time for the pre-session consult, the shooting time as well as the editing time and ordering session.

The second part of the cost is for the artwork products you want to hang on the walls of your home.  The cost of the canvas, photo mounts, and framed prints will be calculated based on the size and number you want to have created.  Digital images are available as well as part of package collections.

Added features can be done on a per session basis. Jennifer offers belly casting, hair and makeup, and belly painting.  You can bring all your ideas to the pre-session consult.  Share with Jennifer and see what is going to work within your time frame, budget, and location constrictions.  Contact Jennifer now to begin your process

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